Putting Drill: Try Match Play Putting to find the hole

Brushing up on your putting is ALWAYS a great idea to improve as a golfer.

Brian Gay is second on tour in One-Putt Percentage at more than 45 percent. That’s through 39 rounds of golf and more than 700 total holes. He also leads the tour in Putting from 6-feet (between five feet and six feet). He’s 23-for-23 this season.

How does he do it? Practice.

The PGA Tour Scoring Average is around 71 strokes per round with about 30 of those being putts. The flat stick is using more than any other club — by far — in golf. For amateurs, 36 putts over 18 holes to shoot in the high 80s or low 90s. Do the match. Putting is key.

Sharpen up your skills on the green with this drill called “Match Play Putting.”

Drop six balls in a circle around the hole (see image).

Level One: Start from about three feet and begin stroking putts. You should make 5 of 6 and at least “hit the hole” on 6 of 6 before graduating to the next level. Define “hitting the hole” as a lip out or burned edge that influences the ball to make change directions, at least, a little.

Level Two: Using the same idea. Move to six footers. At this level, you need to complete a Match Play winning record. Make 3, miss 2 and hit the hole on 1. Your record is 3-2-1. That moves you to the next level. For advanced players — and those with time — if you fail a level, move back to the beginning.

Level Three: Move to nine feet and so on. Try to reach 12-feet.

Try this drill. By advancing, you start to train your mind’s eye on, at least, hitting the hole. You will make more putts and play better golf.